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TKTX is a topical anaesthetic that numbs the is not only used before Tattoos, Cosmetic Permanent makeup but also for the needles from vaccines, flu jabs and blood tests.

TKTX has been around since 2021. It is shipped to countries around the globe, from the United States to Japan.

Available without prescription, its safe ingredients are aligned with the main guidelines MHRA & the FDA, as well as, other Healthcare Regulatory Agencies.

Why TKTX is a trusted Brand ?

As of for many products online, there are some Fake & unlicensed TKTX numbing creams selling online.

Sold for pennies online, these low quality products don’t have the same potency & safe ingretdients as the orginal TKTX.

To avoid potential risk, always look for the Authentic seal that goes with on each TKTX numbing cream box.

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